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IDENTITY: The etymological meaning of the term "MANIA" evokes, originality, transgression, and uniqueness that is best understood as being distinct from the masses and essentially non-conformist.
THE PRODUCTS non-standard design: The originality of the line is seen in its iridescent, bright colours, unusual, unconventional shapes, fresh scents and alluring, extremely pleasant tactile sensations.
THE STYLE extra-personal: Every product results from the perfect combination of unbridled passion and rigorous research and provides unlimited versatility during styling.
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 Hair Manya - Actyve Work XXS - 400ml  Hair Manya - Actyve Work XXS - 400ml 
Non-aerosol ecological hairspray

Provides long-lasting, elastic and brilliant hold without weighing hair down. Protects hair from UV rays, does not leave residues and comes out easily with a few br[...]
 K0237001   Kemon   24,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Adrenaline - 200ml  Hair Manya - Adrenaline - 200ml 
Non-aerosol extra-hold spray

I style, spray and it’s set! A charge of "adrenaline" spray that instantly sets every type of style in long, medium or short hair. The ultra-holding resins guarantee co[...]
 K0235600   Kemon   20,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Aplomb - 150ml  Hair Manya - Aplomb - 150ml 
Perfect straightening gel

The gel’s super-straightening effect holds up until the next shampoo and eliminates static electricity, letting the brush slide through your hair. The product protects h[...]
 91   Kemon   18,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Bye Bye Split End - 65ml  Hair Manya - Bye Bye Split End - 65ml 
Silkifying fluid

What it does: provides to-the-touch brilliance and silkiness, makes the tips compact, smoothes the cuticle, makes hair easier to comb, increases resistance to environmental humidit[...]
 K0237300   Kemon   21,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Cosmo - 250ml  Hair Manya - Cosmo - 250ml 
KEMON Hair Manya Cosmo Fibre Floss Gel for svelte sophistication, direction and definition with light support.

Hair Manya products are born from the desire to stand out, be noticed and never confor[...]
 K0234400   Kemon   23,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Diamond - 120ml  Hair Manya - Diamond - 120ml 
KEMON Hair Manya Diamond Shine-Enhancing Spray turns on the shine and delivers natural hold for a dazzling finish.

Hair Manya products are born from the desire to stand out, be noticed and never co[...]
 K0231302   Kemon   21,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Dreamfix - 300ml  Hair Manya - Dreamfix - 300ml 
Shine-enhancing, extra-hold hairspray

Perfect for moulding hair with your hands, a comb or brush for a trendy, sophisticated effect or for constructing a highly structured style lock by lock. It se[...]
 K0235800   Kemon   24,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Dreamfix XXS - 500ml  Hair Manya - Dreamfix XXS - 500ml 
Shine-enhancing, extra-hold hairspray

Perfect for moulding hair with your hands, a comb or brush for a trendy, sophisticated effect or for constructing a highly structured style lock by lock. It se[...]
 K0235801   Kemon   30,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Fix Gum - 125ml  Hair Manya - Fix Gum - 125ml 
Moulding gel wax

What it does: Pliable like a gel but with the holding power of a wax, it provides density, hold and flexibility to the hairstyle. Particularly suited for plastic but not rigid effe[...]
 K0237100   Kemon   22,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Fizzy XXS - 400ml  Hair Manya - Fizzy XXS - 400ml 
Extra-hold mousse

Mango-scented styling mousse with a soft and compact consistency that provides extra hold. Gives hair volume and sheen, firmly shaping the style without leaving residues. Guarante[...]
 K0236403   Kemon   34,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Flexy Gum - 125ml  Hair Manya - Flexy Gum - 125ml 
String pomade

What it does: The soft consistency and exceptional plasticity make transforming and versatile moulding techniques possible. Excellent for styling since it does not get sticky, and it [...]
 K0237200   Kemon   19,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Freestyle - 50ml  Hair Manya - Freestyle - 50ml 
Structuring paste

Moulds and gives body to hair, making it possible to create various types of styles. In every situation the hairstyle is controlled but not stiff. Soft smooth consistency and a fr[...]
 K0235900   Kemon   19,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Glam - 50ml  Hair Manya - Glam - 50ml 
Matt effect moulding paste

With Glam Mania the head becomes your "canvas" and your fingers the brushes. The dense, smooth fibrous consistency is perfect for working, twisting and giving shape to an[...]
 K0235700   Kemon   16,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Hi Density - 240ml  Hair Manya - Hi Density - 240ml 
Thickening cream

Gives wavy hair good body and definition and creates an elastic, natural, voluminous look. Perfect for dry, frizzy hair to hydrate it and take away frizz, making it soft, full of b[...]
 K0236700   Kemon   24,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Kaos - 200ml  Hair Manya - Kaos - 200ml 
KEMON Hair Manya Kaos Ultra-Fixing Gel anything is possible ' holds and controls all day.

Hair Manya products are born from the desire to stand out, be noticed and never conform. Each product resul[...]
 K0234600   Kemon   21,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Macro - 250ml  Hair Manya - Macro - 250ml 
Volumizing fluid gum

With a fruity fragrance of berries, it notably increases the body of each strand of hair and gives the entire head an extraordinary sense of volume and softness. Perfect for al[...]
 K0234500   Kemon   20,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Rain Gel - 200ml  Hair Manya - Rain Gel - 200ml 
Wet-look fluid gel

What it does: during the finishing phase, it controls rebellious, untamed hair, delivering a smooth effect and defined shapes. Counteracts excessive hair volume with adhering for[...]
 K0235000   Kemon   18,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Shine Vintage - 80ml  Hair Manya - Shine Vintage - 80ml 
Glossing Cream - Finishing Sculpting
Old Style Style!

Ultra-hold paste, cream with a light texture that provides hair with an ultra-brilliant shine and a soft and silky finish. Ideal for moulding [...]
 K0237900   Kemon   16,00EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Try Kit 4x8ml  Hair Manya - Try Kit 4x8ml 

Prova la versatilitą e gli incredibili profumi di Macro, Cosmo, Rain Gel e Hi Density e non potrai pił farne a meno.Diventa un vero maniaco dello styling e s[...]
 HMTK   Kemon   4,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Volume Hidro - 250ml  Hair Manya - Volume Hidro - 250ml 
KEMON Hair Manya Volume Hidro Moisturizing Gel Mousse creates perfectly sculpted curls, curves and waves.

Hair Manya products are born from the desire to stand out, be noticed and never conform. Ea[...]
 K0236900   Kemon   22,50EUR  Buy Now 
 Hair Manya - Zero Gravity - 100ml  Hair Manya - Zero Gravity - 100ml 
Ultra-hold Paste

WHAT IT DOES: Moulding paste with extreme hold and an instant effect for structured styles and tousled forms. Ideal for frizzy, robust hair that needs definition without using a bl[...]
 K0237400   Kemon   22,50EUR  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Actyva P Factor - Box Men Intensive
01.Hair Manya - Hi Density - 240ml
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03.Hair Manya - Rain Gel - 200ml
04.Hair Manya - Adrenaline - 200ml
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